Saturday 10 June 2023

Another ChatGPT UI

I finally finished writing my react based ChatGPT UI. It's purely frontend, this mean I don't need Docker or Vercel or any other similar service to use it, instead only a static file server is enough.

While it is a simple piece of software, it is a significant accomplishment for me. After almost a decade, I have finally picked up JavaScript again and created a small piece of software! You can access the code on GitHub (you will need a API key from OpenAI).

I have attempted to relearn JavaScript (mainly the new frameworks) numerous times in the past, but I often found myself falling into the "tutorial hell." Whenever I encountered even the slightest problem, I would start Googling "xxx sucks" or "xxx alternative." Unfortunately, I would frequently come across individuals promoting a new framework as the ultimate solution, claiming that it was "much better than xxx."

When I'm about to switch to a different framework again, I stumbled upon a YouTube video discussing common mistakes programmers make, including falling into the dreaded "tutorial hell." This made me realize that I had been stuck in a cycle of constantly following tutorials without truly understanding the concepts behind them. In an effort to break free from this cycle, I made the decision to stick with React and resist the temptation to switch frameworks yet again. Although I faced numerous challenges with JavaScript, React, and MUI, I persevered and pushed through.

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