Saturday 10 June 2023

After Failing the CSC Scholarship

Recently, I applied for the Chinese Government Scholarship and unfortunately, I did not make the cut. While my family and friends are trying to comfort me and see it as a failure, I am actually relieved.

The application process was long and the waiting period was even longer. But now that I didn't get the scholarship, I can see it as a blessing in disguise. One of the requirements of the scholarship is a two-year service period back in China after graduation. While this may seem like a small price to pay for a fully-funded scholarship, it would have tied me down to a specific career path and location for at least two years.

Now that I am not bound by the scholarship, I am free to explore my options and choose a career path that truly aligns with my interests and passions. I can also choose to work in any location without any restrictions.

So, to all the scholarship applicants out there who didn't make the cut, don't give up. Keep pushing forward and trust that everything happens for a reason. Who knows, maybe your failure will lead you to even greater success in the future.

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