Monday 10 July 2023

Something New in My Life #1

I have recently encountered several new experiences in my life, and I feel compelled to jot them down.

I present at an academic meeting for the first time

Public speaking has never been my strong suit, and even in small meetings and interviews, I always get nervous and my voice trembles. So, this was a really big deal for me.

I sang an entire song in front of other people for the first time

I loves music but I'm not a good singer at all. This time, when my friends were encouraging and showed genuine interest, I actually enjoyed it a lot.

I tried soju/소주 (Korean alcohol) for the first time

To be honest, my first impression of Korean alcohol wasn't great. During my first few months in Korea, I tried some random alcohol my girlfriend bought from a nearby store. Even though I only took a sip, it gave me a terrible headache. However, this time I drank quite a lot of 소주 and woke up feeling fine. It didn't have a strong ethanol or bitter taste but was surprisingly smooth.

Fun fact: In Chinese, when we describe alcohol that is easy to swallow, we use the term "顺口" which directly translates to "smooth in the mouth."

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