Saturday 10 June 2023

Disable Laptop Touch Pad in PowerShell

Why do I need this script?

If you hate your laptop's touchpad like I do, high chances are you have a crappy "HID-compliant touch pad" like me. I got them on two of my Dell laptop. But don't worry, here is how to disable it through a simple script.

1.Simply run `Set-ExecutionPliicy Unrestricted` in PowerShell as Administrator

2.Download this script and righ lick to run in powershell.

3.Run it again if your touchpad is back to live.

If the script doesn't work for you

1.Find your touchpad's device name in Device Manager. It's normally listed under "Human Interface Devices"

2.Change the "$DeviceName" in the first line of the script.

3.Right click the script and "Run with PowerShell".

Why don't use "Scheduled Task" to run this script on system boot?

My touch pad "revives" after the system wakes from sleep, and I have to manually enable and disable it again. This script is more convenient.

Besides, sometimes I have to use the touchpad when I'm outside, and the reviving "feature" can be convenient.

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