Saturday 10 June 2023

I Left Grammarly for ChatGPT

A few months ago, I realized that ChatGPT had a much better ability to polish my English writing, and since then, I haven't opened Grammarly even once. If one day ChatGPT replaces Grammarly, I will be happy.

To my knowledge, many students and researchers in China who are non-native English speakers rely on Grammarly to find grammar errors and improve their writing. However, the price is about $30 per month or $12 if paid annually. What it provides seems very limited nowadays compared to ChatGPT. Besides, I dislike that they never offer any kind of education discount despite their huge student user base.

Many people, myself included, are praising ChatGPT. It is excellent in many ways and deserves this praise, but I think it's more like the existing solutions are too bad, which makes ChatGPT seem so great.

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